Advantages and disadvantages of the different distributions of kitchens

We briefly analyze 5 key distributions for the kitchen with its advantages and disadvantages, using as a point of reference the so-called Work Triangle that unites the 3 main areas of any kitchen; Cooking zone, refrigerator and sink.


It is the most recurrent distribution when the space is tight, the kitchen could be hidden with folding or sliding doors on small floors.

The working triangle becomes linear.

Advantages: they occupy little space and could be completed as an auxiliary work surface by placing a table when necessary.

Disadvantages: if the length of the kitchen is a short measure the space between sink and cooking plate will be reduced, at least a safety distance of 60cm between them is advised.


It is the most functional of the distributions, almost all the professional kitchens are designed like this and it offers much more options in terms of modulation in the furniture, example high front on one side, low on the opposite etc.

Advantages: the routes are diminished and the use is super functional, it is the ideal distribution for isolated kitchens

Disadvantages: if we want to place a table or area to eat and we could the only option would be the bottom


Very functional, resolutive, versatile this distribution and very common in kitchens of open concept.

Advantages: they allow to have a large dining area, or perfect also pair “small tube” kitchens.

Disadvantages: the space available to be quite square for the first, very important to know how to take advantage of the storage and access in the corners.


This type of kitchens have a lot of storage capacity. The normal thing is to place a high front with refrigerator in another side the sink and fires in the last one. The working triangle here is very dynamic.

Advantages: have a lot of work surface, besides one of the sides we can turn it into a breakfast bar or to eat, if we are in an open kitchen.

Disadvantages: when the kitchen is closed does not allow dining area.


It is the illusion of many people, although designing it is not an easy task, it is to take into account a lot of furniture opening measures, circulation areas, etc.

At the end it is a kitchen with two fronts but open on one side.

This typology is the star in open kitchens with very wide spaces.

Advantages: the kitchen becomes the central core of the house, keeps the family present while cooking.

Disadvantages: it is essential a very large space to develop a kitchen with island.


If you want an island but we do not have enough space, you can choose a kitchen with peninsula that reduces the space of circulation and produces at the same time a feeling of spaciousness.